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♥︎ — Hello beasties 💙 First post of my new theme! before I get started this is completely inspired by @jasonarvinverzola edit of the Disney live action princesses in a poster 💜 I loved it so much that I wanted to create one in my own style, so I included the current live action princesses starting with Aurora, Cinderella, Belle then Jasmine ✨ I didn’t keep Mulan because as I said I wanted to keep the ones who’s movie already came out. Anyways, I had so much fun editing this, I REALLY hope insta didn’t ruin the quality and it looks good because I made sure it’s very HD/good equality but y’all know insta 😔, i made this edit a few days go and I’m trying to make new edits so I’ll start soon, i might go for something of a dark theme/dark filter hopefully turning out nice 🤗 Hope you guys like this 💛

#QOTD: Favorite Live Action Adaptation out of these 4?
#AOTD: Beauty and the beast & Maleficent ⠀
xoxo Ahmed 🌌