Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about this amazing book. This was my last read for May month, bringing my total of books read up to 14. Pretty happy with that number, and I’ve had so many great books this month it’s crazy. ∘

A Curse so Dark and Lonely was a great book, I have been putting it of for a while now. Retellings just isn’t always a favorite of mine, but then I just thought – f# it let’s do this. And from the first page I was hooked. This book really surprised me, the writing was so good and easy to follow. No boring parts, and I thought the retelling itself was very original and well done. ∘

I really enjoyed Harper being a rational person, and not some panicked damsel, because finally a book with characters who think before they act. It was so refreshing to read, they reacted to situations the same way that I would do, so let’s all give a round of applause to the author for this little gem. ∘

I really enjoyed the twist in the ending, and I’m so intrigued to see where this story is going. I will recommend this book, I actually gave it 5 stars, I’ve never done that with a retelling before. So if this is sitting in your shelf waiting for you, the time is now people, pick it up and enjoy the ride. ∘

Q: Something that is annoying you at the moment? ∘
A: Right now I’m super annoyed at slow shipping for all the books I’m waiting for. ∘ . .

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