Q: Do you ever finish a book and then instantly want to reread it?📖✌️

I read A Curse So Dark And Lonely in April but I already really want to read it again. But before I do that I’ll be forcing my friends and family to read it. ACSDAL is such an incredible book and it really surprised me. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. I’ll post my review of it later this week📘☕

You guys may have noticed that recently whenever I upload a review I also post a bonus post that day. I’m going to continue to do this with most my review days. I always find that when I don’t do my usual posts I miss it. But I also love sharing my reviews so this way it’s the best of both✨💕

The beautiful bookmark in the photo is from @jessjadedesigns on Etsy. I have a few bookmarks from her and I’m hoping to buy more soon because her designs are just SO pretty😍🔖

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