We finally have a space big enough to host!!! 😍 So naturally Brandon wants to have friends over for the big game. 🤪 I’m not the biggest football person as you could’ve probably guessed. 🤣 But who’s with me that the food is always the best part?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⁣

I wanted to make this pretty spread to prep for Game Day and give y’all some ideas!! ⁣

I made a meat & cheese spread, which Brandon & I always love for a snack! 🧀 I decided to use @simply7snacks for the spread to make it guilt free! 💕 ⁣

I decided to use Simply 7 for the chips as well when dipping in all the goodness. 🤤 I’m probably the biggest snacker in the world, so making sure I have healthy snacks is VERY important to me. 😂⁣

Simply 7 Snacks uses clean Ingredients, no Added Preservatives, 0g Trans Fat, No Artificial Colors, Gluten Free, should I go on. 😏🙌🏼 Seriously y’all these snacks are so good. Me and Brandon have BAGS of them in our pantry!! 😋🤤⁣

Okay I’ll stop blabbing, but head over to @simply7snacks to get more Game Day eats!!! 🌮🍔🍿🌭🏈⁣