Good morning sweeties!
First of all: thank you so much for all the nice comments and the awesome feedback on my ballgown for Belle. It means a lot to me, you guys are amazing. You didn’t just made my day you made my week! ❤💕🎶✨
I got asked a lot how much I spent on this dress. Since I was curious as well I spent yesterday evening with writing a summary.
The result was just what I expected. 😂
The materials for the dress did cost me 488,41€.
With wig, shoes, contact lenses, lashes and the pattern from Firefly Path it did cost me 596,13€.
This is the amount of money I spent on this Cosplay. (Make up and such is not included of course)
I also tried to sum up the hours I spent on working on it the last 6 weeks. I did not count that exactly, so this is just a guess but I think it was about 120 – 150 hours.
I hope this doesn’t scare you and helps you to calculate your next ballgown. 😊❤
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