#FFUnfilteredDay February edition coming at ya. I’m not one to beautify my meals more than need be, and sure as hell am not someone who would ever post something I’m not actually eating, but when I look at my feed I realize it ignores a large majority of my meals: those I eat on the go. I am constantly showing these “sidewalk breakfasts” or “parkside lunches” on my stories, but not as much on my physical and page and, laughably, this is my reality majority of the time. Eating lunch out of a container anywhere I can find a place to sit (this one happens to be on the ground of a hallway while I wait outside an office for an appointment). Today I’m chatting about all sorts of things from my morning routine, to why I do unfiltered days, to hallway lunches, to spending money, and much more. Come follow along on my stories! (After today it will live in the “Unfiltered Day” section of my YouTube page). Picture: the second half of my @sweetgreen from yesterday – half kale half arugula, balsamic squash, apples, basil, goat cheese, chicken thighs, almonds, walnuts, avocado, and oil & vinegar