Landed in NYC late last night from LA and went straight to a shoot with full hair and makeup and on-camera sparkles…suffice to say I’m totally exhausted and ready to curl up on the couch with Zack, a hair mask, and this Avocado Mexican Chocolate Pudding, a favorite from when I was trying the @gisele diet for @mindbodygreen (the crazy easy recipe is earlier in my feed if you want to try it).⁣

I had the BEST time in LA. I have to say—people in the wellness world are constantly surprising me, in both good and bad ways. @shutthekaleup, @realfoodology, and @iamsahararose all blew me away with their kindness, intelligence, openness (like—REAL openness: @realfoodology got into a discussion about how masturbation is an important and yet rarely talked about part of wellness), and general bad ass-ery—I recorded all of them for the #healthiertogether podcast (subscribe at the link in my profile so you don’t miss an ep!) and was so pleasantly surprised by what authentic, amazing humans they were, on and off The Gram. ⁣

As for the bad experiences? I’m not one to bad mouth people, but suffice to say some people on Insta are not as they seem. All the more reason to find the inspiring, real, #feelgoodfollows (thanks for coining that concept, @serenagwolf!) and cling to them—and eliminate the rest from your feed.⁣

Who do you follow that actually makes you feel GREAT?? Comment below👇👇👇 I think we all deserve feeds that fill us with joy.