Meal prep Sunday – done and done! 🙌🏼🍃🍠😊 I prepped a few sides that can be paired with a protein source for a quick, easy and healthy dinner. Also baked a whole chicken (perfect work lunch 👌🏼), made breakfast egg muffins and celery juice. Deets below! Let me know if you guys would like me to keep sharing more meal prep ideas 😘 Good evening everybody!
-Baked sweet potato fries
-Cauliflower mashies
-Turmeric cauliflower -Broccolini
-@butcher_box whole organic chicken (click link in my stories to get 2 lbs of wild salmon with your order)
-breakfast egg muffins (@vitalfarms)
-@stasherbags filled with mixed nuts, dried fruit, popcorn etc (use MEDGAL15 for 15% discount)
-@siggisdairy new seasonal fig & lemon (delish)
I’ll share every recipe later on this week. So stay tuned!! Also, this prep usually lasts M-W. ❤️