Protein fluff/cauliflower/watermelon: Studies have shown that high volume, low energy density foods will sig. decrease hunger & desire to eat (Latner et al 2008 & 2009). Therefore, foods such as melons, protein fluffs, cauliflower etc can be great additions to your diet/meals in order to add minimal extra kcals but a load more bulk to fill up your stomach

🥣Oats: Fibre has shown to have a positive influence on reducing caloric intake, again likely due to increasing satiation (Keenan et al 2006). Therefore oats, which, on average, contain nearly 12g/100g, or any other high fibre food for that matter can be great options for making a diet feel easier

🥔White potatoes: In a study by Holt et al (1995), results showed boiled potatoes to rank the highest in terms of satiation out of 38 different foods followed by oatmeal (another benefit of oats), oranges & brown pasta. Therefore, potatoes should be a staple carb source if you struggle with hunger

🍗Any meat/fish/eggs etc: Protein is the most satiating & thermogenic macro thus drinks/foods high in protein can help keep you full, decrease appetite & burn more via digestion (Pesta Samuel 2014, CrovettI et al 1998, Weigle et al 2005)

🥤Extras: For those on poverty macros, sugar free gums, syrups, sodas etc. can all also be of use to aid reducing kcal intake if used instead of more energy dense options along with “curbing” your appetite (Mattes & Popkin 2009, Melanson & Kresge 2017)

🍫Nutella: In a study by Scott Murray (2018) results showed that Nutella is extremely tasty and great for permabulking.
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