No thanks im a vegetarian, is a fun thing to say when someone hands you a baby 😉
.We have been veggie for 11 years now but as some of you know we eat vegan for January. We know a lot of people are doing #veganuary this year aswell and are starting to struggle with variety of food. So i thought id share my tip for spicing things up… kimchi! This is one of my fav foods that we make at home, its full of flavour and really packs a punch! We make it vegan by replacing the fish sauce with a mix of tamari, coconut sugar and pineapple juice! Its such a great dish for using up our leftover veg. Remember, food thats good for you is also good for the planet! Ill share my recipe in my stories and you should check out @smallchangebigdifference for more tips! #healthyeating #SmallChangeLondon #ad