Happy Saturday y’all! 😁 Let me hit you with these Asian-Inspired Steak Noodle Salad Bowls 👊 ! They are a delicious, filling lunch or dinner idea filled with fresh herbs, mango and a garlic-paprika vinaigrette over top of sesame marinated steak! 🤤 oouuff now that is a packed sentence never mind mouthful 🤪 Keep reading 👉this recipe is full of a variety of flavours and colours, incorporates some carbs, some protein, a delicious marinade and salad dressing that pairs ever so perfectly together over different textural elements such as noodles, mango and (yaaaaaassss!) crunchy Harvest Snaps💥 We gettin fancy FANCY! Click the link in my bio to jack your Saturday night meal up a notch 😉