I think #girlfriendoftheyear goes to me, this is what I surprised Ben with when he got home from Calgary last night 😜 I wanted to do something special to welcome him home after a very long workweek for him (he worked close to 60 hours in the 4 days he was there) so I made up a board of all of his favourite things 🤗 He loves salami and applewood smoked cheddar, so I added some of that with crackers for the savoury side 👌🏻 For the sweet side, I got some chocolate hearts, some fuzzy peaches, and opened the last box of girl guide cookies I’ve been hoarding since October 😂 Also made him a homemade welcome home card too 🙈 Paired all of this with some wine of course 🍷 We may or may not have opened both of these bottles 🤷🏼‍♀️ .

Definitely woke up feeling extra tired today after staying up way too late, but it was nice to spend some time together and catch up on the past week 💞 Tomorrow is Friday and I am so ready for the weekend to get here 🔥 Ben and I have plans to do our first off-roading trip of 2019 this weekend so I’m pretty stoked about that 😎 What are your plans for this weekend?