I made @maddielymburner ‘s curry cauliflower tacos and oh my gosh they’re sooo good! Definitely not something you could make in 15 minutes in between classes, but I have leftovers for that! 👌🏻 Cooking in college doesn’t need to look like this. I made these because I specifically wanted to make this dish after seeing it in her video and I set aside the time to do so on a less busy day of classes. As much as I love Instagram and want to put out high quality content, I don’t want to create this notion that all my meals look this good. I typically make only one or two (but sometimes zero!) meals in my day look photo-ready and the rest is just sort of thrown in a bowl and drizzled with sauces and sprinkled with things. And while food photography like this can make foods people wouldn’t have thought to try look good, it sometimes worries me that it makes eating this way seem even more unattainable. What are your thoughts on things being “Instagrammable”?