Don’t mind me .. just standing in the snow pretending I’m still on vacay 😆🙃🌴 ⁣

#weightlosswednesday ! Ironically I want to talk about weight GAIN, as it’s going to be a part of your #weightlossjourney whether or not we like it. WEIGHT LOSS IS NEVER LINEAR. The number on the scale you see today won’t ALWAYS be lower tomorrow. Sometimes it will stay the same, and sometimes it will go up. Heck you might go on vacation for a week and see that number shoot up 15 lbs 😜 SO NOW WHAT?! Throw in the towel? Go back to old habits? Of course not. Spend 10 seconds thinking about that gain or plateau, why it may have happened, feel bad about it for a millisecond if you need to and then spend the rest of your energy focusing on what’s next. How you’re going to move forward, how you’re going to continue doing things today that will help you reach your goals in the future. ⁣

We only have so much mental energy in a day .. spend that energy on positive and constructive thoughts.. leave the negative and destructive self talk where it belongs – in the trash 🗑! ⁣

Love yourself, embrace the journey 💜