*STORY TIME(swipe left): I took to partying, drinking, sleeping in all day, etc to cover up the fact that I felt empty and alone. Friends that I thought would be there for me weren’t. It took time to find self love and motivation again. We ALL fight battles that no-one knows of, but I want to inspire those that read this post that YOU can make that change too. I won’t say it’ll be easy, because there’s times you’ll want to give up. But you deserve to be happy too! (Pictures:Mid 2018 vs the end of 2018)

I found happiness in the film industry, I now have an amazing
man by my side whose my biggest fan, my education/career continues to grow, and that emptiness I once felt?? Well, that void has been completely filled💞

It’s ok to hit rock bottom, but get your ass back up and dust yourself off…because YOU got this!!

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