Did you guys know we are ALL born natural intuitive eaters?⠀
That’s right, babies cry, they eat, and then they are happy & full until they’re hungry again. Kids do the same, eating when they’re hungry and stopping once they feel full. Some days they may eat a ton of food, and other days they may eat barely anything…but have you guys noticed that the older we grow, the more we lose our inner intuitive eater? ⠀
🍛We learn to finish EVERYTHING on our plate because our parents told us so, and wasting food is a no no⠀
🍭We learn that dessert is a reward, or can be taken away if we misbehave⠀
😌We learn that certain foods are good for us and others are bad – causing us to feel good about ourselves when we eat certain foods and guilty when we eat others⠀
🌟Our advice if you want to try Intuitive eating is:⠀

✔Listen to your body, eating what is going to make you feel better at that moment⠀
✔Give yourself permission to eat what your body needs without feeling guilty⠀
✔Rely on your internal hunger and satiety signals and trust your body to tell you when, what and how much to eat⠀


If you’re having trouble learning what your hunger and fullness really look like, you guys should follow @drclaudiatfelty. She has an amazing & free Hunger & Fullness guide we think you will love. (The link to the guide is in her bio).⠀
Post inspired by both @drclaudiatfelty & @livevitae⠀

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