I stopped by @traderjoes to pick up a few of my favorites. Here what I got:
1. Crispbread. 3 net carbs each.
2. Mini brie bites. So yummy!
3. Salami sticks (next to the brie bites). These are really tasty!
4. Marcona almonds. 3 net carbs per serving.
5. Seasonings: Chile Lime, 21 Seasoning Salute, Mushroom Umami seasoning. I’ve haven’t tried the mushroom seasoning yet, but love the other two.
6. Chile Lime Chicken Burgers. 1 net carb each.
7. Hot & Spicy Pickles
8. Unsweetened nut milk.
9. Pork & Beef Sausages. 2 carbs each.
10. Salami/cheese packs. These are cheaper at Costco but my local one doesn’t carry them.
11. Pepperoni, olive oil, olives, green beans, kerrygold butter, garlic & herb butter, chicken stock, bone broths.