breakfast for lunch bc i was craving it after half of my feed apparently had it earlier 😂👌🍠🍳🥑
also, going to take what @restoring_radiance said today and apply it to myself. I’m the type of person to feel overwhelmed very easily and frequently, always making sure i check as many things off my to do list as possible. if i don’t get a least half those things done each day my anxiety multiplies 😓 but I’m going to try really hard to only do what must get done today, which is not very much at all 🙌🏼. maybe I’ll meal prep for the week. maybe I’ll go to the gym later. maybe I’ll catch up on some work. maybe I’ll answer all those emails i haven’t responded to yet. maybe I’ll do the laundry. maybe I’ll plan my classes for the week. but maybe i won’t do any of it, and that’s perfectly okay too. ☺️