find yourself someone who looks at you the way i look at a box of fruit and veggies…..😂 but in all seriousness not alot makes me happier than a big ol’ box off fruit and veg to start the week, ill tell you why? Because it sets me up for an amazing week ahead and gives me HEALTHY OPTIONS every single day which means i’m far less likely to reach for not so great options, which in turn means i’m eating ALLL the nutrient dense good stuff and feeling the best i can feel everyday by fueling my body RIGHT with the fuel that it prefers 🥝🍍🍓🥬🍋🥕🍎 do not underestimate the power of fruit and veggies guys, these colorful gems seriously are the key to health and regardless of your “diet” or lifestyle they should be filling up a large portion of your plate⚡️🥰