Delicious Vegan Gingerbread and Red Currant Pie 🥧🥰 Created by the gorgeous @foodie.yuki 💗

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Recipe 👇
Ingredients are for a 20x3cm tin
For the base:
150g oats
100g pecans
1 tbsp flax seeds, grounded
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp gingerbread spices
1/4 tsp salt
12 dates, pitted
Place the oats and pecan in a food processor and blend until finely ground. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until you get a sticky dough. Press the dough firmly into the tin and place in the refrigerator whilst making the filling.
For the red currant filling
100g raspberries
100g red currant
2 tbsp agave
300ml coconut milk
1 can coconut cream, the solid part
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tsp agar agar
Blend the raspberries, currant and coconut milk and pass the mixture though a sieve. Pour it into a saucepan.
Add the rest of the ingredients and heat on medium heat. Bring to a brief boil, turn down the heat and keep stirring until it starts to thicken.
Let it cool down a little before pouring it over the tart base.