if your sandwich ain’t a struggle to bite into, you definitely aren’t doing it right 😎❤️
hehe happy saturday, my friends! I made this loaded sammie the other day, but it was so good, I most likely will be going for round 2 today for lunch 💕 I’m sure most people think a sandwich for lunch is the most boring thing ever, but it totally doesn’t have to be! load it up with all of your faves – for me, that’s avocado (obviously 🥑), turkey breast, tomatoes, and spinach, and make sure to be using good bread (I like flax sourdough from my local neighbourhood bakery!) I also love having carrots + hummus on the side as well 🥕
I don’t have much planned for this weekend other than work and homework, so I’m planning on fitting in a lot of reading + relaxing time 📖
I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!
#lunch two slices of flax sourdough bread with mashed avocado + organic turkey breast from @wholefoods + tomato slices + spinach