I always do my best to try and incorporate as much healthy eating into the meals I make for my family as possible but many times it’s a challenge and I end up making two dinners. One for me and one for them. My husband is a meat and potatoes type of guy and the kids are all different. My 14 year old daughter and 4 year old son like a good mix of healthier foods and junk food like sweets but my 9 year old son will not touch a fruit or vegetable no matter how hard I try and only loves savory snacks. The tomato sauce in his pasta is the closest I can get. You can just imagine how expensive food is with the need to have such a variety. I need to find ways to incorporate foods we all like into our meals so I can avoid making two dinners.
Tonight’s dinner is fried chicken cutlets, one thing we all can agree on. I cooked them in avocado oil for a healthier choice and mixed almond flour into the bread crumbs instead of all purpose flour. I made @eatbanza chickpea pasta with creamy lemon garlic avocado sauce for me (recipe in stories) and marinara sauce for them along with an arugula salad and steamed broccoli (not pictured) as the veggie options. I’ve tried to melt cheese on the broccoli to get my 9 year old to eat it but he still won’t touch it. Basically he only ate the chicken cutlet and the pasta. I just have to keep trying! I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you might have and what works for you in your picky eating situation if you have one? #ResolveToEatMorePasta