⏭SWIPE!!!⏭ for a step-by-step guide to this big bad burrito bowl; oozing with health & alllll things tasty😏 & if your a bottomless pit like my good self then happy friggen days because I’ve only gone and made the bowl edible for you too🤪

So we’re half-way through January now & for some, the “new year, new me” promise is slowly fading away – don’t be that person! You’ve got dis. Eating a well-balanced diet isn’t as hard as you think so don’t go restricting yourself from the foods you love. EVERYTHING in moderation. Yes, even that Twix you’re having with your cuppa. If you account for it & fit it in alongside the rest of your meals, you are sweet, I promise. If you are struggling to get that balance right yourself though I still have some availability’s for meal plans this month so hit me up – whatever your goal is, I can tailor up something to suit your needs🤓

Now back to ma recipe:
🌯1 weight watchers tortilla wrap
🌯75g tilda spicy mexican rice
🌯20g black beans
🌯60g peppers
🌯1/2 green chilli
🌯35g cherry tomatoes
🌯80g 5% fat steak mince
🌯40g tomato passata
🌯1tbsp old el paso guacamole
🌯10g low fat mozzarella
🌯sriracha mayo (obviously)
👉🏽place the wrap in an oven-proof bowl & bake at 180°C ~ 10mins (or until crisp)
👉🏽fry the mince with idddy bit of chilli con carne seasoning & the tomato passata
👉🏽hopefully the pics explain the rest… if not – u stupid🥴

📊413kcals – 52C|9F|29P

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