Proper nutrition should be simple. Double tap if you agree. 🔥

There is so much confusion about food. That’s probably because billions of dollars are spent to confuse you into believing you need foods made in factories when the best foods are made by the land.

Media can often complicate matters, as can scientists themselves—careers are at stake, after all!

With this chart I hope to share some foods that are unlikely to steer you wrong. And while there is NO SUCH THING as a one-size-fits-all diet, the odds of encountering problems from whole foods such as these are pretty slim.

When you eat these foods, calorie counting is usually going to be useless. That’s because these foods are likely to satiate you, filling up your tank and keeping your blood sugar stable (no reactive hypoglycemia here!). —
Did I miss any staples? Hope you’re having a good weekend. ❤️ Max

Credits: @maxlugavere
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