I’ve spent SO much money on protein bars over the last couple of months and since easy, one-handed snacks are a necessity right now, I finally got around to making my own (recipe below!).
They turned into balls because Baby V helped me make them and she got a kick out rolling them into balls, but the recipe could easily be pressed into a baking dish and cut into bars. I used carob chips because it seems like Baby L gets gassy when I eat chocolate before nursing her (seriously cramping my style!!) but chocolate chips would also be delish. I would guess the ingredients come to $5-$6 dollars and replace at least $30 worth of store-bought bars- yay!
Ok here’s the recipe:
✨1 cup rolled oats
✨1 cup puffed brown rice
✨1/2 cup vanilla protein powder
✨1/2 cup peanut butter
✨1/3 cup maple syrup
✨handful carob or chocolate chips
Mix everything together in a bowl. Roll into balls and place in the fridge to firm up!