A bulletproof method of creating a bowl filled with flavour & goodness. Nothing but Mother Nature providing the foundation of a lifestyle ❤️

👉🏼 step 1: the greens
I always try to have greens of some sort as a foundation. (Iceberg lettuce 🥬 is not really cutting it with me tbh)
• stir fried brussel sprouts in a touch of extra virgin olive oil with broccoli sprouts + spring onion

👉🏼 step 2 – more veg
Cooked starchier vegetables of some sort being either mediterranean or spuds 🥔🍠 or other root vegetables such as parsnips, celeriac, swede
• I roasted these baby new potatoes in avocado oil with rosemary in the oven for around 30-40 mins until skin is crispy

👉🏼 step 3 – protein
Protein is a vital component for our bodies. I tend to rotate my sources which also includes plant based sometimes and use only sustainable farming methods and highest animal welfare or organic standards. Where we choose to spend our money on food has a powerful influence on the environment we inhabit
• Ground turkey thigh + streaky bacon pieces + dried rosemary + thyme + garlic

👉🏼 step 4 – Fat
Like with everything else I rotate my fat sources to broaden my micro nutrient intake. This allows me to naturally have a diverse fuel source for every enzymatic reaction / process in the body. Also, allows me not to spend money on a synthetic multi vitamin mineral. I always will believe in a food and lifestyle approach first!
• smashed avocado with tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil + apple cider vinegar.

Finally season with a unrefined salt of your choice I vary between Celtic sea salt or pink Fairy Dust.

Have a great weekend 👍🏽 Keep it simple & remember to enjoy cooking 🕺🏼
@livevitae ✌🏽❤️

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