Left: my version of a healthy body at the time – hours of cardio
– Daily weight training sessions – Under eating
– Avoiding “bad food” – Eating only “clean food” – Missing social events

Right: current self – Does cardio when feels like it – Weight trains 4-5x a week if body feels good. Sometimes is less, sometimes it’s more – Currently healing the gut and hormones with @vince_pitstick — then soon bulking! – No longer categorized food as good or bad •

A healthy body is not a one size fits all.
Only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed in media.
91% of women are unhappy with their body and resort to dieting to reach that body that is idolized in media.
More than 1/3 of people (men and women) who admit to “normal dieting” will merge into yo-yo dieting.
1/4 of that 1/3 will suffer from partial or a full on eating eating disorder.
And lastly,
Only 10% of people who are suffering from eating disorders will seek professional help.
I think it goes without saying, even though it is proven in studies, that women who spend time on social media struggle with body image.
Media has the audacity to still promote the 5% of women that are naturally born with a look people literally kill themselves trying to attain because THEY ARE SCARED TO ADMIT DIET CULTURE IS NOT ATTRACTIVE.
You are born different to be different, look different, and born to discover what health means to you regardless of what small minded media jerks put out there in the world. •

Remember this:
Our bodies aren’t our soul purpose in life.
Our bodies are a vessel to perform our soul purpose. ❤️