I’m going to be honest here…
I drooled right back at that YOLK while taking this photo 😎❤️
happy #toasttuesday, my friends! there’s no better way to celebrate my favorite foodie day of the week than with the classic and most amazing savory combo: 🥑 + 🍳!
for those of you who are curious, I do have a tutorial on my highlighted stories of how I make my soft-boiled eggs! It’s an old one, but still good 💕
I’ve got lots on my to-do list today, but I’m looking forward to squeezing in some time to watch last nights @bachelorabc episode as well as the premier of @nbcthisisus tonight 💃 so much good tv 😅
I hope you all have a terrific tuesday!
#breakfast a slice of toasted flax sourdough bread topped with avocado slices + feta + @manitobaharvest hemp hearts + @traderjoes EBTB seasoning + two soft boiled eggs + red pepper flakes