A balanced meal with lean proteins, lots of veggies, carbs and healthy fats like Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain will give your body the nourishment and energy it needs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monounsaturated oil of high nutritional value, mainly from the benefits of oleic acid which may help balance and reduce “bad” cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels in your body. I used @oliveoilsspain EVOO the number one producer of olive oil to make this baked chicken breast with goats cheese. I also drizzled some EVOO on my baked potato and steamed broccoli with lemon. Not only does it provide all the wonderful health benefits but it really enhances the flavor of the food to the next level of goodness. To learn more about @oliveoilsspain Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and the amazing benefits it provides visit link in bio! #oliveoilsfromspain #tastethetruth #EVOO #GoodLifeFood #ad