If you really want to see a change, you will WORK HARD FOR IT!!
Trust me, the very start of my fitness journey after becoming a mom was so difficult. There were days I just cried and cried that I had gotten to this point with my weight. I hated getting ready to go out. I knew anything I wanted to wear, wasn’t going to fit me right. There were times I didn’t go workout because I wasn’t seeing the change fast enough. There were days I overindulged on all the bad foods just because I felt like nothing was going to change.
But one day it just hit me, that it was only ME keeping myself down. All that bad self talk, always being negative, wasn’t helping me. I just knew I needed to get ahold of myself and just do the damn thing. I knew what I needed to do to lose the weight. But I just wanted to get a quick fix. The best advice I can give any struggling moms out there, is just be consistent with working out and eating right. The results will come when you least expect it. Trust me.
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