And of course I have to mention salads. While I try to emphasize that veganism is a LOT more than salad, I do really love having a big bowl of greens. The key to making salads not suck comes down to this simple formula:
1. Start with a mix of different kinds of greens. Romaine or baby lettuce, spinach, mixed greens, kale, baby kale, rainbow chard, dino kale, choose any combo you like but variety really helps!
2. Add hearty, flavor-rich veggies like avocados, juicy tomatoes, sweet potatoes cubes, roasted carrots, cauliflower or broccoli
3. Add crunchy stuff like raw cabbage, shredded carrots, crispy chickpeas or tofu, nuts or seeds or even vegan croutons
4. Make sure to add a grain like quinoa or farro and/or some legumes to bulk it up!
5. DRESSING! Eating dry greens is no fun. I tried for a while but I started using dressing now and I’m NEVER going back! You can make a bunch of super simple dressings at home using recipes from @sweetpotatosoul @frommybowl or @minimalistbaker !