So unless you know me personally you won’t know that I got engaged in July this year to the most amazing man in the whole wide world, I never thought I’d find a love like this but he is incredible in so many ways❤

The engagement has sparked the start of my slimmingworld journey but we are also on the journey to conceive👶 I had visited the doctors before Christmas because I was in such a depressed state I was worried I would never have a baby, I was put on sertraline a (antidepressant) to stabilise my mood and was given provera which induces a bleed because if I am honest I have not have a proper period for years and no period means no ovulation, so not that sex isn’t meaningful but the sperm in my woohoo was meaningless to my ovaries because they just wernt working the way they are spose too☹

I recently had blood tests and everything is good and the way it should be, my progesterone levels are low 1.6 which could be for a number of reasons so I have been told not to worry as I could be in the early days of my cycle💭

The next stage is to have an ultrasound booked to see what is going on and my OH to have his sperm tested to see if there are any underlying issues there😏

Bottom line is I need to get my BMI below 35 in order to be successfully accepted by the fertility clinic so I have from now until April to loose at least 3 stone or more to be in a better place to get the ball rolling😄 I am starting now and taking positive steps to change both for myself and the possibility of giving a baby a happy and healthy life🙏
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