I instantly fell in love with @lily_on_the_moon ‘s gorgeous Belle and had to feature her in this week’s #SewingSpotlight! (Photo by @bcwphoto ) Here’s what she had to say about its constuction: ⁣

‘Belle’s winter dress from the 1991 Disney was in my cosplay plans for years but I never found the will to actually make it. Then, Hannah released this design and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I just needed to make it ! One of my biggest cosplay crush. I got the Cosplay Concepts Vol.1 for my birthday and found almost every fabrics I needed last summer. Plus, it was the perfect winter cosplay for this year ! ⁣

‘The hardest part for me was to keep the beautiful shape of the dress despite wearing many layers. I was afraid that adding the coat over the dress, I would look too large on the top. I decided not to line the top of the coat, and to tie the ribbon with Velcro under the knot, to stabilize the coat and refine the silhouette. ⁣

‘The entire costume was a challenge as I’m rather used to making easy costumes with not so much details. Adding this design to my cosplay wishlist, I thought I would give up over the difficulties I would meet. But thanks to some friends advices and the support of my family. friends and community, I made it in one month focusing only on this costume, and I enjoyed every second it!’⁣

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