ACCOUNTABILITY❗️ i’ve been eating like a complete 💩 head for the past few days. i literally have lost all self control!

i was talking to my bf on the phone on my way to work, like i do everyday. and i said “okay, today i will eat better and try again.” and i realized i had said this same statement for the past 4 mornings and everyday has been a complete Fail.
example, i left the house last night at 9p to get ice cream that i drown in candy (for the second night in a row).
i’ve been having one unhealthy snack in the morning and then after that i cant stop eating! im not even hungry, just shoving my face with unhealthy foods.

but i realized something Very important this morning. even though i’m repeating myself – I Am Not Giving Up On Myself!! i Am trying again and again.

the reason why i was Never able to keep the weight off in the past is because after so many failures, i’d just give up.
but NOT this time!
i WILL get up every time i fall!
i WILL continue to start everyday fresh and not beat myself up for the bad days.
i CAN do this!

so Please- if you mess up, Keep Trying!
No1 is perfect – No1!!!
just keep getting back up and Dont Stop Believing In Yourself!

Happy Friday Babes🖤

i’m going to check in tonight on my stories to keep myself accountable on my eating today, i need it! ily all🥰

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