Who else has a love for going grocery shopping? 🙋🏻‍♀️💕 I literally get so excited to go do a shop now because it means I get to eat all of the food! 🙌🏼 It also means that by taking the time to go get the fresh stuff that I’m setting my family up for success as well. Behaviour breeds behaviour so for me being a mumma bear I definitely use this time as an opportunity to educate. Getting kids involved can be great as they’re your little helpers however it can present a challenge too if they’re asking for all the “fun” foods 🍫🍬. It’s like having your irrational brain outside of your body going “mum mum can I get this”, “ooh what about that”🙄.

My top tips for stocking up on groceries are:

🥕Plan ahead! Take a list with you so it’s not overwhelming or forgetful once you get to the store. This can often lead to grabbing convenience foods if you’re unsure of what to get.-
🥕Try and stick to the outer edges of the shop. Stores are designed to entice you and count on you travelling through the middle aisles to get to what you need. This is where packaged “treats” and less nutritious options are ready to hop into your basket.-
🥕Allow yourself something to look forward to, like a treat, but be mindful of what it is, and educate your kiddo that it’s a “sometimes food”.-
🥕 Don’t be the person who says “but it was on sale”. Great now you have 4 bags of corn chips in your basket for no reason other than you “saving money” when in fact you don’t need it 🤦🏻‍♀️.-
🥕Be conscious of the busy times if you’re someone who doesn’t like dealing with the crowds. This can be a big turn off from getting what you need to and instead settling on take away.-
🥕 Make it fun! Check out some recipes beforehand that you’d like to try over the course of the week and shop with these new ingredients in mind. –
Whenever I do a grocery shop I tend to stick to my staple items: lean proteins, lactose free milk and milk varieties (almond), yogurts, cottage cheese, fresh fruits & veggies, herbs and spices, nuts, rice cakes, cereal for post workout, wraps & bread, etc.. Get to know what works for you then go for gold. Self care is crucial to success!!