I told myself when I first started this journey that I wasn’t going to give up certain things, especially going out to eat with family and friends. I also told myself I wasn’t going to do any particular “diet” or completely restrict myself in what I can and cannot eat. I know myself and I know I would fail if I did that. I wanted to live a normal life, all while still losing weight and becoming a healthier version of myself. Although I did not COMPLETELY restrict what I ate, I found myself eating clean 99% of the time. That mixed with working out five days a week seemed to do the trick. I am now down 72 pounds and I’ll admit, it’s much harder to lose weight. I have to stay dedicated and self disciplined to continue this D I F F I C U L T journey. I genuinely feel so, so good when I’m eating clean and workout out regularly. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! 💪🏼💕