Apple & Cinnamon Chia Porridge 🍎😋 Nothing special here today guys, just another one of my amazing and familiar bowls of oats! 😉 Whilst munching my lovely breakfast full of those nice and warm flavours earlier this morning (contemplating life at the same time) I came to a realisation… Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly chasing the next thing and thinking about my next move in life, without realising I’m right in the middle of what I excitingly used to look forward to. Can anyone relate? And so I really need to make an effort to slow down, bring myself back a little, be more present, and really appreciate the NOW. After all, thats where the real magic happens 🌟 PS. This porridge bowl combo was so damn tasty, comforting and heart warming, my soul nearly melted towards the end of it 🥣🔥🥰 HAPPY HUMP DAY!

Details: oats, chia seeds, @manilife_ peanut butter and caramelised apples cooked in coconut oil, maple syrup and cinnamon.