👙 x 3️⃣

I wish I had an empowering caption about how I love my body & rocking this bikini out in public regardless of stretch marks & cellulite…

But sorry I don’t!

I’m still not confident in public in a bikini. I still have negative thoughts & feeling about my body.

Regardless of being called “goals” every time I post a photo wearing minimal clothing…… although it’s very flattering…..

I’m still over here having negative self talk some days & don’t always feel confident in myself!

Don’t let the internet fool you – even the people who come off as confident & having their shot together – they don’t! No one does!

We are all human. And we all have our good days & bad days! You are not alone!

& FYI that girl on Instagram with the ‘perfect body’ .. she doesn’t & she doesn’t think so either, I can assure you!

Note to self & all of you reading this:

No body is perfect & that’s absolutely fine! Stop comparing, start appreciating & start talking nicer to yourself ❤️✨ #realitycheck