CURRY 🙌🏻 I used to hate curry as a kid because of the one time I tried it at a restaurant and didn’t like it. Little did I know there are so many different takes on curry and other Indian dishes that are absolutely delicious and either already vegan or easily made vegan! Start with some basic veggies like peppers and onions and I definitely recommend some kind of potato. Lentils or chickpeas aren’t a must but they definitely help bulk up a meal and add tons of nutritional value! It’s traditional to add coconut milk but you could add other nondairy mills or even but butters to provide more creaminess and fat. If you’re sensing a theme here already, it’s that you start with a vegetable base and then bulk it up so that you aren’t hungry within 5 minutes. One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting to eat vegan is thinking all you can eat is steamed veggies and salad and they also keep the same portion sizes as they did with omnivorous food. I made these mistakes too and it wasn’t until I started realizing that I needed to bulk up my meals, especially when I’m training hard or it’s cold or if I’m just feeling hungry. Putting some kind of grain with curry also helps balance out the intensity of flavor and satisfies better in my opinion! This is a peanut butter red lentil chickpea and sweet potato curry that made with red curry paste with along with a whole bunch of spices. I’m not a big coconut fan so for me having the same creaminess with a mild peanut taste was such a game changer! How do you guys like your curry?