Cơm bì chả thịt nướng ❤️ Hello IG!! It’s been so long since I last posted! Life happens and I sort of got carried away with it 😉 Thanks to everyone who took the time to check up on me and is still following me! (I’m surprised I still have any follower 😆). So here’s a dish to brighten up your feed (if I still show up on your feed that is 🥺)! Steamed rice with grilled pork, baked meatloaf topped with salted egg yolks, seasoned pork skin with toasted rice powder, and a crispy egg! (I know, what with all the eggs! I could already hear my dear Mẹ freaking out about “high cholesterol!!!” and whatnot 😬) And cucumber, pickled veggies, chili fish sauce! This dish sounds like a whole frickin buffet y’all 😆
Everything is homemade as always, except for the pickled ground chili which was gifted by a friend (so much better than Huy Phong chili paste btw). I hope my photography and food styling skill are still up to scratch! 😬
Have a scrumptious day guys and happy new year! 🥰