giving up alcohol was the Most Difficult thing i’ve ever done❗️
alcohol was where i found:
-my confidence
-hid my issues
-ignored my problems
-got my excuses
i Needed it! i could barley go one day without having at least two drinks. honestly though, most nights i drank until i was drunk enough to pass out.
the gym is now where i Build my confidence.
instagram is now where i share my issues, problems, and struggles to face them and hopefully help at least one other person.
i now allow myself to have Zero Excuses!
i can do anything i set my mind to❗️
including being #9monthssober
start thinking and preparing for your goals for 2019💪🏽 what goals do you have so far?⤵️
i wrote mine tonight. i’ll be sharing them tomorrow!
*also make sure to look at my stories for a special Poll! i need your vote!😉*
Happy Sunday Babes🖤 i hope your day was Amazing!
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