Do me a huge favor…PLEASE READ. It will be worth your while.
This body you see before you does not come from some magic tea that promises you weight loss from a cup a day (they just want your money), it doesn’t come from one week of some insane unsustainable diet, anyone that tries to sell you that dream is selling a lie (they just want your money), it doesn’t come from surgery or anything else that requires no work from you (no shade to those who choose to have surgery, your body, your choice but again, these surgeons ain’t working for free, they want your money). ____________________________________

This body comes from genetics and maintenance. I try to eat well (I don’t always), I try to workout regularly (I don’t always) and I try to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle free from deprivation…I just choose to do things in moderation. I don’t look for results quick because trying to get results fast will lead you back to square one because you are likely engaging in lifestyle changes that you will not be able to sustain for life. I try day in and day out to be the best version of myself. I don’t always succeed but I am determined to keep trying because so far, trying has done more good for me than doing nothing at all. Make healthy living a living (a lifestyle) then you won’t ever have to get ready for a season in the year (nor will you have the desire to do that as your goals will be much more than just looking good for summer). I am far from perfect, this lifestyle is NOT easy but the benefits far outweigh that slight irritation it brings so do it, start with something as simple as 25 minutes a day dedicated to fitness, change how you eat and I PROMISE you that results will show up. I wish you all well as you embark on your journey.