Day 34 of my fast

Last night I had pain near my liver and kidneys. My intestines felt like they were in knots, they were so loud my dad could hear them from across the room lol
Once I got into bed, I read a little and fell asleep to some calm music. I slept for 10 hours and woke up feeling good. I drank a large cup of water and immediately ran to the bathroom; BLOWOUT!! 💩
It was all mucus, yellowish/orange in color and it smelled like a dead animal. My urine was also the color of Amber which is normal. Although it was nasty, I immediately felt a surge of energy come into my body.
As my body continues to purge, it’s confirmation that my kidneys and liver are filtering. Remember, I haven’t had solid food in 34 days, so the eliminations are accumulated waste, not food.
The human body is truly amazing. It is a self regulating, self healing mechanism and when we give it the food it was designed for, sunshine, fresh air and rest, it is capable of anything.