Here are some of my favorite low carb on the go options. I usually cook 6 days a week, but these are my go-to’s when I need something quick. Everyone follows keto differently and what you see on my page works for me. Please be respectful of my choices. 👍
1. Five Guys burger bowl. When you order, just tell them you want your burger in a bowl and choose your toppings. They also offer a lettuce wrapped option and nutritional information is available on their website.
2. I always order fajitas when we go to a mexican restaurant. No beans, no rice, no tortillas and usually ask for a small side of queso.
3. Wendy’s Baconator. When I order, I request it in a tray without a bun and ketchup.
4. Jimmy John’s Unwich. My favorite is the Big Italian, but they will lettuce wrap any of their sandwiches. Don’t forget the side of kickin ranch!