Come throughhh obliques😩 feeling pretty good about my current physique. I will say, I’ve gained about 7 lbs in the past 6 months which is FINE!! I have a healthy diet and I believe the extra weight has only benefited my body (especially in the gym)
I’m not prepping, dieting or planning on competing so I’m not strict on how much I eat. I am however strict with WHAT I eat. I do my very best to avoid all processed foods, dairy, red meat. I do treat myself to sweets on the weekly but it’s usually halo top ice cream, dark chocolate almonds, or a protein cookie😋 they always satisfy my cravings and I feel better binging on those healthier options than Oreos, or artificial sweeteners that make you 10x more bloated.

My goal rn is getting some killer obliques.. as that’s one of my weaknesses. If you have any suggestions or exercises, pls help a sista out!!

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