My sister and I were discussing labels yesterday. She believes she could be pescatarian, but never vegan. My mom decided to weigh in and ask why you need a label at all, and why you can’t just eat without calling it anything. I like the label of vegan. I like the community that it’s guided me to and having a word that I can use to describe a key part of my identity. But not everyone likes labels as much as I do and I respect that. If you can’t label yourself vegan, if you don’t want to feel like you’re “beholden” to that title or you aren’t ready to call how you eat anything specific or if poor mental health will make you feel restricted or put in a box, then don’t label yourself and how you eat. Eat something that could be labeled vegan for breakfast and lunch and then something vegetarian, pescatarian or whatever-atarian for dinner. Be vegan one day, vegetarian the next day, and on the SAD (Standard American Diet) another. Eat what aligns with your values and what makes you happy. I wasn’t vegan for nearly 6 months when I began eating fully vegan food for days straight. Then I would be vegetarian and then I would eat salmon because that’s what I needed to do before I could be 100% confident that my desire to take on the vegan label wasn’t related to my eating disorder. I do hope that one day everyone will eat as close to the lifestyle I label vegan as possible, but I don’t want dislike or fear of a label to stop people from doing what they can now.
The FOOD: tofu scramble with a sprouted bagel, @kitehillfoods chive cream cheese and @riverdelcheese CARROT lox 🥕, which by the way is absolutely amazing! My entire family was impressed!