Give some gifts to yourself this holiday:
• Allow yourself to enjoy holiday favorites and any other food you are craving
• Allow yourself to take rest days or move your body in gentle ways like taking a walk with a loved one or a pet
• Allow yourself to enjoy time with your friends and family. Don’t be distracted by technology or a desire to make things perfect. Just be in the moment with your special people. 🎄
• Allow yourself some time to reflect on this year and the good and the bad and what you want to change (OR CONTINUE) in the coming year.

The holidays aren’t always the easiest time of the year and this advice doesn’t just apply to people with eating disorders. Everyone finds the holidays stressful in some way, so remember to find ways to enjoy them!
The FOOD: oats with banana, strawberries, slivered almonds and almond butter (covered with flax seed after the picture)