This MOROCCAN CHICKEN sausage tagine will go down in history as one of the tastiest, most exciting meals I’ve ever had 😍🙌🏼✨🍽 I mean what is there not to LOVE about a sweet and salty combination of organic chicken sausage, chickpeas, carrots and tomatoes piled high on cous cous for Brad and cauliflower rice for me then topped with delicious chipotle crema 👏🏼🌶😍 The best part is that everything I needed in order to make this delicious @hellofresh meal was delivered straight to my door step, including pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow instructions 🍽😊✨ Get 6 free meals with my code “FITANDWELL60” by clicking the link in my bio #hellofreshpics #freshfriends #getcooking #hellofreshpartner #medgal