Who is hungry?! 😋😋 Vegan Almond Caramel PB Pecan Slice or I could also call it “Claire’s-all-favourites-slice” as I pretty much combined all my favourite things to eat in a raw vegan slice And it turned into one of the best thing I have ever eaten with a yummy almond base, a date caramel layer, peanut butter, pecan nuts and chunks of vegan dark chocolate. So so so good! 😋 is it something you would like to eat?! If so recipe is below. ⠀
This was my last photoshoot/recipe for the year too and what a great way to finish off what was an amazing year professionally for “Healthyfrenchwife” and personally becoming a nutritionist and having a little baby girl. 💕💕 It is sometimes a little disheartening creating new recipes and posting when @instagram’s algorithm isn’t showing my posts so please if you like my recipes double tap, comment, share and save my pictures! Your support throughout the year means so much! ☺️💕⠀
Vegan Almond Caramel PB Pecan Slice⠀

Base: ⠀
2 cups of almonds ⠀
2 tbsp of rice malt syrup⠀
1 tbsp of coconut oil⠀
1 tsp of vanilla essence ⠀
1 tbsp of water ⠀

1. In a food processor blend the almonds until fine then add the rice malt syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and water and blend until it forms a sticky dough.⠀
2. Press down in a small square tin lined with baking paper (wet your hands to press it down to make it less sticky).⠀
3. Place it in the freezer while you make the caramel. ⠀

Date Caramel: ⠀
1 cup (or 10) Medjol dates soaked in hot water for 10 minutes minimum⠀
1 tbsp of coconut oil⠀
Pinch of salt⠀
1/2 tbsp of water⠀

1. Soak your dates pitted then drain the water and blend the dates in your food processor. ⠀
2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and blend further until smooth.⠀
3. Spread the date caramel on top of your almond base⠀

2 tbsp of peanut butter⠀
1/2 cup of pecan nuts⠀
2 tbsp of chocolate chunks⠀
Pinch of sea salt flakes (optional) ⠀

1. Add the peanut butter on top of the caramel layer in dollops.⠀
2. Add in the pecan nuts then the chocolate chunks.⠀
3. Place to set in the freezer. ⠀
4. Eat straight out of the freezer. 😋⠀
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