4 Steps to a Fitmas Tree! 🎄 💫
Looking for something fun and healthy to do over the holidays? I got you covered! Not only is this idea super cute but it’s very practical.
I shared this fruit tree with my friends the other day and it was a total hit! 😋 It’s very easy to grab the fruit off the toothpicks and of course aesthetically pleasing.
What you need:
1 pineapple
1 pear
1 wooden shish kebob skewer
Pack of toothpicks
Star cookie cutter (or if you’re skilled, you can just cut it in a star shape)
Purple grapes
Green grapes
(Option to add other fruits like oranges etc – have fun with it!)
What to do:
Step 1 – Slice off the edges of the pineapple & the top. Cut an extra top slice for the star (make sure it’s thick enough so the star isn’t flimsy).
Step 2 – Trim the top off a pear and use the shish kebob skewer to connect the pear and pineapple.
Step 3 – Prepare the colorful fruit. Cut the tops off of strawberries and cut kiwis into slices.
Step 4 – Use toothpicks to stick the fruit around the pineapple and pear. Use a toothpick to stick the pineapple star on the very top.
I’d love to see the versions you create! Make sure to tag me in your pics and stories so I can reshare xoxo,
Inspired by iowagirleats.com
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